Create a USPS Scan Form

You can save yourself and your postal carrier time by using USPS Scan Forms. The Scan Form associates several paid postage labels to a single barcode. With a single scan all your packages will go out for delivery at once.

Create a USPS Scan Form:

1. Create Labels: Start by creating some labels. For more information on creating labels see Add Manual Orders.

Create Labels

2. End of Day: In the Left-Side Navigation Menu go to Shipments > End of Day.

End of Day Navigation

3. Select Shipments: Select the orders you would like included in your Scan Form and use the button labelled Create Scan Form.

Create Scan Form

4. Tracking and History: The right side of the page shows Scan Form History and provides Tracking Information

Scan Form Tracking

Note: Scan Forms are only valid on the same day they are created. Be sure to read the tips when creating your Scan Form.


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