Change Shipment Notification Settings

SmartShyp can be configured to automatically send Shipment Notifications and Tracking Information to your customers. You can also choose to require a signature upon delivery of Priority Shipments. These settings can be found in Account > Preferences.

Change Shipment Notification Settings:

1. Dashboard Page: Go to Preferences found in the Account Dropdown Menu in the Top-Right corner of SmartShyp.

Go to Preferences

2. Email Notification Settings: Choose your Email Notification Settings. You can choose whether or not SmartShyp will send an email to your customers. The email informs customers that the order is in Pre-Shipment and provides Tracking Information.

Email Notification Settings

3. Optional Delivery Settings: Check your Delivery Settings. For an additional fee, you can choose to require a signature upon delivery of Priority or Priority Express Shipments.

Delivery Settings

4. Save your Preferences: When you are done be sure to Save Changes using the button in the Bottom-Right Corner of the screen.

Save Changes


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