Print Customs Forms

All Shipments leaving the United States require a declaration form to get through customs. Any international shipment you create in SmartShyp will require you to fill out all customs information before the label can be created. Once the label is created, customs forms will be included on the label.

Print Customs Forms:

1. From the Dashboard: Find the International Label that has already been created. See Create International Shipments for help.

Shipments Pages

2. Select the Order: Click on an International Shipment to select it, then click Print Label(s) to view Customs Form.

Select to Print

3. Customs with USPS: USPS International labels display Customs Forms on the left half of the label.

USPS International

4. Select the Order: Click on an International Shipment to select it, then click Print Label(s) to view Customs Form.

DHL Select to Print

5. Customs with DHL: DHL lists customs declarations on the label and the Waybill. You will need to attach both to the package.

DHL International Label

Note: For your records, you can always reprint labels for free, or save them as a PDF after you have created them.


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