Soul Kix with SmartShyp



The vision of SoulKix is always expanding in an effort to bring their unique shoes to individuals no matter where they might be. They strive to offer the highest quality products and services to ensure that every person who has a pair of their shoes feels like they are a part of something awesome. In order to make this happen they have developed the following services to ensure the right team member can help each customer get the shoes they want.

Update: SoulKix has been acquired by SnugZ USA

Soulkix with SmartShyp
Soul Kix with SmartShyp

What makes your business stand out from the competition?

SoulKix offers the customer a unique slip-on shoe – made to match their personality. Never has customizing shoes been so easy. The world loves customized products! Custom shoes is still an untapped market and SoulKix wants to make the world a more creative place by allowing each individual a slip-on made just for them.

What do you love most about SmartShyp

The very best thing about SmartShyp is their customer service. We always get right through to a shipping consultant within seconds of calling and they’re so helpful! They navigate my screen with me and help with any questions while teaching me the ropes. Our only regret is not using SmartShyp sooner!

What shipping solution did you use before SmartShyp?

Before SmartShyp we were using online – We were pretty happy with it for our priority postage. What we were not happy with was our daily need to send small packages via air mail. I stood in line daily at the Post Office to get those out. It was a pain.

What are your favorite SmartShyp features?

Prior to SmartShyp, we had increased advertising and were researching what shipping programs other companies were using and read about their experiences. We assessed whether SmartShyp was able to support the volume we were expecting. It’s always frightening to start something new, but we knew with the amount of orders we were seeing, we needed a solution for the long term. The transition was seamless and SmartShyp was simple so my team could pick it up right away. The customer service was on point and we could call in whenever we had a question. The support team was always friendly and quick to help. We love SmartShyp because it saves us time and money!

SoulKix with SmartShyp

“As a new company, we realized quickly the need to have a shipping app that would ensure cost savings, consistent tracking and most importantly a simple way to get our shoes to our customers. So thankful we gave this app a try. Not only did we save time – we saved money, it’s a win-win situation. They have great customer service and the syncing of information between the app and our store is fantastic.”

Seth Saunders

General Manager, SoulKix