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Kodiak Leather Co.


Founded on the western edge of the Rocky Mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah, with the idea of providing the ultimate bag for travelers, businessmen and missionaries alike, they set out to build a company that could offer a unique and quality product that would last a lifetime.

Kodiak Leather was founded on the idea that exceptional individuals deserve exceptional products. Their products are all handmade and come with a lifetime warranty.


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Kodiak Leather with SmartShyp

What makes your business stand out from the competition?

I started Kodiak leather at the end of 2014. I decided to work on making high quality leather bags that were affordable to the end user. We’re a bit different than other leather companies as our brand and products focus more on a rugged outdoors lifestyle and we try to incorporate that into every one of our products. Almost every new product that we come out with is based on the feedback from our customers so we’re literally creating products that fit the needs of the customer.

What do you love most about SmartShyp

I usually talk to Jason and he knows his stuff. I sent him the files of over 400 customers and within an hour or two they were ready to print. I’ve been very happy with how they’ve answered my questions or concerns I’ve got with shipping. SmartShyp has been super helpful with their customer service, anytime I have a question, I can just email or call them and they will usually reply within the hour.

These guys know their stuff, they’ll make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to shipping product. I have saved a lot of time and money using SmartShyp. It’s so easy to use and it’s been a life saver for our business.

What shipping solution did you use before SmartShyp?

Honestly shipping was one of the biggest problems that we had. It was always a chore for us to have to handwrite label each package and then take them to the post office, stand in line, and get them shipped, especially international packages.

SmartShyp has made shipping so much easier for us. We can now print each label, pay for shipping and then just have the post office come and pick them up.  SmartShyp just made that such a seamless and easy process. Not only did we save time, but we ended up saving thousands of dollars a month using SmartShyp with their discounted rates.

What are your favorite SmartShyp features?

I love the options for importing customer addresses. When you have 400 shipments you’ve got to ship, to do those individually would take forever. I love the importing options and the batch uploads. I also love how it manages the tracking on each order. If I ship a bunch of orders out, I’ve got easy access to getting the tracking number for the customer, keeping an eye on where it’s at, and then it has a separate screen for the delivered packages so it’s really easy to manage the orders. I can go on SmartShyp, type the name, get the real-time tracking on every order.

SoulKix with SmartShyp

“I completely trust the team at SmartShyp, the results that I have gotten have been a change to my business that is invaluable.

We were looking for efficiency and that is exactly what we got with this transition.”

Jared Morse

Founder, Kodiak Leather