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eBay connects buyers and sellers from around the world—but it won’t get your packages from Point A to Point B for you. Whether you run a business selling products on eBay or you’re just selling a few items, you need a reliable shipping solution to send and track shipments to your buyers. You need SmartShyp.

SmartShyp’s shipping software will fully integrate with your eBay account, automatically pulling order information into the application. This allows you to begin creating and printing labels in a matter of seconds, rather than spending several minutes creating a single label by hand. SmartShyp can create a small number of shipping labels as well as bulk orders of labels; no matter what your shipping needs, SmartShyp makes it easy.

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Save Time and Money on Shipping

Shipping can be a large overhead cost for a business. But with eBay and SmartShyp, you can save money on shipping costs while cutting down on the amount of time you spend creating shipping labels.

Avoid long lines at the post office

Skip to the front of the line by preparing all your postage from your home or office.

Shipping and order information

Automatically pull shipping and order information from multiple eCommerce platforms.


Track shipments

Real time tracking information is sent back to your store(s). SmartShyp will notify you and your customer by email when there are pick ups, transfers, and deliveries.


Easy, 3-step shipping process

You spend only a few minutes on shipping your products.

Bulk creation of shipping labels

SmartShyp allows you to bulk print all your shipping labels.

Lowest prices on postage in the industry

Get access to the lowest rates possible!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

SUPER, FREAKING, AWESOME! Extremely helpful – does way better than others I’ve tried. Manages my orders and the shipping of them. Lets me create manual orders easily. Lets me even track sales. Sends tracking numbers to customers, awesome. Just works really well & it’s easy to use. There are some minor things I’d like changed, but it seems to be 1,000 times better than anything else I’ve found.



This app has streamlined my shipping process ten fold. I used to use PayPal multi-ship, and it took me hours to ship large batches of orders. Now I use SmartShyp and it takes me minutes. Their tools are user friendly and link directly with my Shopify store so I don’t have to think about updating information. It does it all automatically and sends my customers tracking info.



Integrate All of Your eCommerce Platforms

Do you use more than just Ebay to run your business? SmartShyp automatically integrates with all of the most popular eCommerce platforms, including Etsy, Magento, Amazon, and more. We can pull all of your order information right into SmartShyp so that you can easily manage your shipping from one place.
With SmartShyp, you can fulfill all of your orders in minutes, regardless of whether the orders were placed on Ebay or another one of your eCommerce platforms. Our complete, advanced integrations make running an online business easier than ever before.
Don’t waste time with the standard shipping process. Ship smarter with SmartShyp so that you can get out of the post office line and get back to running your business. Contact us to learn more about what SmartShyp can do for you.