Kodiak Leather

Kodiak Leather created some truly amazing products that sold amazingly quickly! See how SmartShyp came to the rescue when it came time to ship them all out to customers.
Soulkix with SmartShyp


SoulKix is all about freedom of expression. They offer their customers the opportunity to design their own shoes to suit their unique style. See how SmartShyp helped them deliver.

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SmartShyp Spotlights

"Nothing compares to this"

We signed up for SmartShyp and we love it! It is honestly so much easier to fill orders! We filled 250 orders in two hours, which normally took four or five! Thank you SmartShyp!

"You guys are so awesome!"

I love the personalized customer service! They have been instrumental in helping us transition and get up and running. They even made some recommendations for a thermal printer and assisted with setting that all up to help us save some money on labels.

"These guys know their stuff"

SmartShyp and I connected at the perfect time. We had just ran a kickstarter campaign and we had to ship out 1500 different boxes, and SmartShyp just made that such a seamless and easy process.

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