Shipping Rate Increases for 2018

All across the board shipping companies tend to raise their rates each year. There are a few reasons for this - in addition to keeping current operations running it also helps them expand services, bolster existing services, and keep up with an ever-growing demand for package delivery.As eCommerce continues to become more popular and business to consumer shipments keep climbing, carriers need to do what they can to keep up. So in the end you will be paying a bit more for shipping with every new year, but when it comes to the cost of running your business you gotta do what you gotta do, right?Here's a quick summary of the changes announced by each carrier. You can also use the links provided to see the official documentation.

USPS Rate Increases

The U.S. Postal Service has officially announced their rate increases that will take effect on January 21st 2018. Specific rate increases vary widely based on services, zones, and weights - But here are the big ones for SmartShyp Users:

First Class Package Service

2018 First Class Rates

Packages in the 6-8 oz, as well as 13-16 oz ranges seem to have a pretty significant increase this year - which makes for a smoother price/ounce curve.

Priority Mail - 2018 Rates

2018 Priority Mail Rates

Note: The tables above reflect rates offered to SmartShyp users on a paid subscription. Sign up now or take a look at our pricing page for more info.(Printable Versions: First Class Package Service - Priority Mail Service - Single Page)

UPS Rate Increases

UPS has announced the following changes that will go into effect a little earlier this year on December 24, 2017.

  • UPS Ground, Air, and International services will all see an average net increase of 4.9%
  • The Large Package Surcharge will now be applied to U.S. Domestic packages with Length greater than 96 inches. (A new length stipulation for 2018)
  • Large Package Surcharges will also apply to packages exceeding a length plus girth measurement of 130 inches. (No change from 2017)
  • Dimensional Weight will now be calculated using the formula L x W x H / 139 as opposed to L x W x H / 166 (Which means dimensional "weight" will be higher)

As well as these changes that will be implemented July 8, 2018

  • The Large Package Surcharge for packages sent to a residential address will be $90 (Previously $55)
  • The Additional Handling Surcharge for any package more than 70 lbs actual weight will be $19 (Up from $11)

DHL Rate Increases

DHL will be raising their rates on all DHL Express U.S. International services by an average 4.9% beginning on January 1st, 2018.Click here for more information from DHL

FedEx Rate Increases

FedEx has also announced an average 4.9% rate increase on FedEx Express package and freight, FedEx Ground and Home Delivery that will take effect January 1st, 2018. Here's a link to the PDF with full rate charts for next year.2018 Rates Preview