Integration with BigCommerce

Excited to announce that the integration with BigCommerce has just been released. Now, you can place SmartShyp in your online store and ship any of your orders immediately.

Moreover, all the crucial information about your orders will be displayed on your dashboard window thanks to in-built custom order parameters. Having such details at hand will help you to handle all the orders faster and more efficiently.

BigCommerce Site with SmartShyp

Easy, Fast, Inexpensive Shipping

BigCommerce syncs automatically with SmartShyp, downloading all your order details in seconds assigning shipping preferences, rates and delivery options in real-time. No copy and paste. No manual updates. Order and tracking status is automatically sent back to BigCommerce along with tracking confirmation emails sent to customers.

Lowest Rates

With SmartShyp you will always get the lowest available rates from USPS (Commercial Plus Pricing), and sometimes even lower rates through our international shipping services.