Get Ready for Holiday Shipping (Infographic)

We all know how the holiday season seems to just spring up on us - and it's right around the corner again! For your customers, this is the most critical time of year for timely deliveries. After all there are loads of smiles riding on those special gifts. Which means for you and your business it's critical that you know a thing or two about the holiday shipping season.

Making your customers happy during the holidays can really come down to the shipping decisions you make. For example, shipping an order via USPS First-Class Mail on December 20th won't get it there by Christmas but a Priority Shipment will. Be sure to read through this post to make sure you're ready for the busy season. With you and your customers in mind, we put together this infographic to let you know exactly when and how to ship those last minute orders.

Get it there by Christmas

The best way to make sure your customers' parcels arrive on time is to let them know when to order. This handy infographic shows you the holiday "ship by" dates for each carrier and service to get it there by Christmas. Each icon on the calendar indicates the Christmas ship by date for that service.

You know your shipping process, so factor in that extra day or two when announcing to your customers how and when to order. Download it, Print it, and Post it in your shipping office and on your website to let everyone know how to get it there by Christmas. For more details about holiday cutoff dates you can see each carrier's offical announcement with the following links: 

USPS Holiday Newsroom 
UPS Year-end Holiday Schedule 
FedEx Last Days to Ship

Holiday Closures and Saturday Pickups

You will also want to plan for any limited or extended service days. Each carrier observes holidays differently so make sure your preferred shipping service will be available when you need it. Notice that some carriers are offering special Saturday pick up dates. This gives you an extra chance to make that last minute delivery. Here are the links for each carrier's holiday schedule for easy reference:

2017 USPS Holiday Schedule 
2017 UPS Holiday Schedule 
2017 FedEx Holiday Schedule

Holiday Surcharge Increase

UPS and FedEx charge a bit more for certain surcharges during peak times. And you guessed it! Thanksgiving and Christmas are included in those peak times. We did the search work to help you plan for those increases as well. Take a look at these links for details about peak times and surcharges: 

UPS Holiday Surcharges 
FedEx Holiday Surcharges

With all of that in mind, remember we here at SmartShyp are always happy to help.
Here's to a great holiday season for all!