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Testimonials from Store Owners

“I am super happy with SmartShyp, I love the software and think it is quite user friendly. My experience has been so productive, I am amazed at how much more I can get done with SmartShyp versus in such a shorter amount of time. My productivity is much higher, thank you so much for your help!! Your tech support has been so helpful.”

Jennifer Giles


“As a new company, we realized quickly the need to have a shipping app that would ensure cost savings, consistent tracking and most importantly a simple way to get our shoes to our customers. So thankful we gave this app a try. Not only did we save time – we saved money, it’s a win-win situation. They have great customer service and the syncing of information between the app and our store is fantastic.”

Seth Saunders

General Manager, SoulKix

“This app has streamlined my shipping process ten fold. I used to use PayPal multi-ship, and it took me hours to ship large batches of orders. Now I use SmartShyp and it takes me minutes. Their tools are user friendly and link directly with my Shopify store so I don’t have to think about updating information. It does it all automatically and sends my customers tracking info.”


Owner, SaltCities