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Tools to Make Ecommerce Shipping Easier.

Automation Rules

Create automated processing rules for your ecommerce shipping. Want all packages under 1lb to process using USPS First Class but everything over 1 lb UPS Ground? Within a few clicks, your new online orders can be automatically processed the correct way.


Bulk Editing

Have a bunch of ecommerce orders that need adjustments made to the address, package type, or preferred shipping carrier? Simply select them all and start editing. This feature alone will save you hours of time each week.


Batch Processing

Sometimes you need to process specific groups at a time, such as a flash sale, product, time, or location. Using SmartShyp, you can select these groups to be processed at the same time.


Crazy Low Rates

You need to stop paying retail rates for shipping. SmartShyp already has discounted rates up to 70% off retail prices. Better yet, we pass these savings onto you, regardless of your shipping volume.



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